School Life

School Hours

8:30am Students should not arrive at school before 8:30am
9:00am Students are required to be seated in their classrooms
10:40am Morning Break
11:10am Learning
12:40pm Lunch Time - first 10 minutes students are required to be seated while eating their lunch
1:30pm Learning
3:00pm School finishes



  • NCA recognises and believes in developing a life-long love of learning. It wants to encourage good study habits and independent learning skills both at school and at home. We want to assist in developing a positive personal attitude towards study and research that will help students in their ongoing secondary and tertiary education.
  • Regular homework of an appropriate nature will be encouraged across the whole school.
  • Year 1-3: Regular homework will consist mainly of reading books, sight words, basic spelling skills and mathematics.
  • Year 4-8: In addition to the above for Year 1-3, older students will be encouraged to do more research and project-based work based around curriculum unit studies. Extra skill building work will be distributed to individual pupils as the need arises.
  • Homework should take no more than one hour a night to complete.
  • We invite parents to take an active interest in any work sent home.


bus-2011Students eligible for transport are those that live more than 4.8kms from the school if over ten years and 3.5kms from the school if under 10 years.

Students are required to follow bus rules or access to this privilege will be withdrawn.

Dental Appointments

Dental appointments are arranged through the Stoke Dental Clinic (Phone number: 03 539 5321). They take place twice a year. The appointment cards are sent directly to you. If you have any dental concerns please contact the Stoke Dental Clinic.

Absence from School

If for any reason a child, who is enrolled at NCA is unable to attend school, then school dues are still payable. Arrangements can be made for work to be supplied if the child is away for any length of time, e.g. illness or holiday travel. The school office needs to be notified before 9.00 a.m. (by phone or email) if a student is away sick. When calling the school about a child’s absence, we need to have an explanation of why your child is absent.

Parent Classroom Involvement

Parents are most welcome to help in classroom activities such as listening to reading, helping children with spelling words, assisting in the library, helping with sports coaching, and providing transport for class trips.