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Accepting Enrolments for 2025 Waiting List 


Enrolment Documentation


Preference Enrolment

Preference Enrolment is given to students whose Whānau are connected to a local church and or have a personal faith in God.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Non-Preference Enrolment

Non-Preference Enrolment is given to students whose Whānau value the Christian Character of NCA but are not connected to a local church or have a personal faith in God.

You can find out more by clicking here.

School Fees and Contribution


This compulsory fee goes towards the ongoing maintenance and development of the School.  This is an annual payment that can be made in one lump sum or regular payments can be setup that work for you and your whānau.

from $620 per student*
*1-2 $650 3+ $620 per student per year

Special Character

This contribution is set-aside to maintain and develop our quality Christian Education Curriculum.

$160 per family


To provide our students with a wider range of optional learning activities outside of the classroom (EOTC), you may be asked to make a donation towards these activities.

Costs kept at a minimum

School Uniform


Our uniform has been purposefully chosen for comfort and movement. This ensures that our students can wear their uniform with pride and feel comfortable in all settings.


Our uniform can be viewed and purchased online, or in person at NZ Uniforms.

School Jackets

We have two school jackets to choose from. Click on the jackets to discover what one is best for your child.

School Shirts

We have two school shirts to choose from. Click on the shirts to discover what one would be best for your child.

Whānau House Tees (Optional)

These shirts have been designed with movement in mind. Every Friday, we hold Whānau House Sports where students are encouraged to wear their House Tee or our NCA Sports Shirt. Whānau House and NCA Sports Shirts are also encouraged to be worn at our Annual Sports Days.


School Pants

  • Girls have a choice between plain black skorts, shorts or long pants.

  • Boys have a choice between plain black shorts or long pants.

School Socks

  • Girls have a choice between plain black socks or tights*.

  • Boys wear plain black socks.

*Tights, shorts and pants must be hole free.

School Shoes


Every Day Shoes

  • Any Plain Black Shoes or Sandals* are accepted, excluding Crocs

  • Sport Shoes: We highly recommend plain black sports shoes, as these can be used for every day use as well as formal events. However, we accept any coloured sport shoe for every day use. Having good sports shoes offers better support and protection for your child's feet.

Formal Events

  • Covered plain Black Shoes are expected to be warn at all formal events.

*Black sandals Term 1 & 4 only.

School Hats


Summer - Term 1 & 4

  • Students have a choice between a plain burgundy bucket hat or wide brim hat.  


Winter - Term 2 & 3

  • Students can choose to wear a school beanie.


All hats can be purchased from NZ Uniforms.

Optional Winter Accessories

For extra warmth, our students can wear a plain black puffer jacket or vest. Our students can also wear a plain black thermal under their uniform for extra warmth.

Hair and Accessories

We have listed everything that is accepted as part of our uniform below.


Hair Colour

  • Hair to be all one natural colour.

Hair Length

  • Hair can be any length, however,  if hair is shoulder length or longer, it is required to be tied up* with a hair tie.

Hair Ties & Headbands

  • Accepted colours are black/brown/burgundy.

*This is for health and safety reasons.

Jewellery and Accessories

We have listed everything that is accepted as part of our uniform below.



  • Hei Taonga

  • Subtle necklaces. 



  • Earrings: Studs are the only accepted earrings, due to the risk of injury with hanging, hoop or ring earrings

  • Nose: Small nose studs are accepted

  • Other: As long as the piercing is not visible.


  • Watch/fitness tracker

  • School value bracelets

  • Health related bracelets.


  • Natural nails

  • Trimmed and short*.

*This is for health and safety reasons.


Nelson Christian Academy uniform is available through NZ Uniforms.



  • Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

  • Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm


Information regarding uniform returns, issues or general questions please contact NZ Uniforms directly:

Nelson Store:


To order uniform online please visit our ordering page. Please allow at least 3 days for delivery.  It can be useful to contact NZ Uniforms to discuss the fit and sizing when ordering.


Customer Service:

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