Interact Curriculum

Interact CurriculumHere at Nelson Christian Academy we use the the Interact Curriculum. It is a NZ-based Christian curriculum developed by New Zealanders for New Zealand young people.

The Interact Curriculum is designed as a series of resource books for teachers to facilitate teaching and learning that fulfills the purpose for which we were each designed. Each of the series of resource books  is  thoroughly grounded in a life-giving, biblical perspective, and provide teachers with reference and resource material to make it as easy as possible for them to plan and teach our students, while meeting the requirements of the government curriculum.

The foundational, nine principles of the Interact Curriculum are:
  1. Learning about God.
  2. Learning about the World (past, present, and future).
  3. Learning about People (nature, past, present and future).
  4. Developing Faith & Character.
  5. Integrating Learning.
  6. Building Community.
  7. Valuing the Individual.
  8. Developing Thinking Skills.
  9. Relating to Real Life.
For more information regarding the Interact Curriculum please visit the Integrated Education website:

The Interact Learning Path

Interact Learning Path
The Interact Learning Path helps students to recall prior knowledge, to develop knowledge, skills, understanding and Godly wisdom, to consider how what they have learned impacts who they are and what they do, to respond with the benefit of new skills and understanding, to evaluate their work, and to celebrate their learning in a range of ways.