NCA School Board

The School Board is a Crown entitiy and is responsible for the governance of schools. Our role, as the school board for NCA, is to make sure that our school is run in the best interests of our students, the school's proprietors, and our local christian community.

The Board is required by the Ministry of Education to ensure:

  • the students in our school are receiving a high quality standard of education
  • national priorities for school education are being addressed in our school
  • the resources are being used prudently to ensure the highest possible quality programmes are provided for our students.

The Board's role is to:

  • ensure our school has a clear sense of purpose by establishing its strategic objectives, documenting these objectives in a school charter, and monitoring progress in achieving these objectives
  • set priorities and goals for improvement of learning and achievement in our school
  • seek assurance from the management (principal and senior staff) that the programmes being implemented in the school can achieve the goals
  • monitor our school's performance against student achievement outcomes
  • seek assurance from the school's management that the school's resources are being used optimally to deliver the agreed outcomes
  • be accountable for the exercise of decision-making rights.
School Board meetings are public except when in committee. Please contact the office to find out the time and place of the next School Board meeting.

For more information regarding the roles and responsibilities of School Boards please see the following legislation:

NCA School Board - Current Members

The following people are the current NCA School Board members:

Elected Parent Representatives
  • Hayden Wright
  • Richard Batchelar
  • Rupert MacLachlan
  • Shane Jette
  • Zane Elliot
Proprietor Appointees
  • Jan Higgins
  • Kelli-Anne Eastmond (Chairperson)
Staff Representative (elected)
  • Marilyn Walter
  • Jenny Laidlaw
Board Secretary
  • Danella Sutton-Field