• To teach students God's desire for their lives and to encourage them to a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.
  • To train students to apply themselves to their work in a consistent manner and to fulfil their various responsibilities.
  • To train students to work both independently and co-operatively.
  • To assist students to discover their own particular God-given talents and abilities.
The successful achievement of these aims depends upon a wholehearted participation by the student in each aspect of the school programme, and the active support of their parents in upholding the policies and Christian standards of courtesy, kindness, morality and honesty set by the school.

Our Uniqueness

  • Continual emphasis is made on developing reading skills. In particular fluency and comprehension.
  • Students learn to set attainable goals and to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Discipline is maintained in a firm, but loving manner.
  • Students are trained to respect their parents and those in lawful authority.
  • The Christian environment ensures a peaceful atmosphere for learning.
  • Dedicated Christian staff care for the total development of each child.
  • Integrated studies, which promote a Christian world-view, are being used.
  • Christian studies promote Godly standards and Christian character.