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Thursday 25 August, 2022


Wednesday 24 August, 2022

3.00 pm: SCHOOL WILL BE OPEN FOR LEARNING TOMORROW - Thursday 25 August, 2022.


Kia ora NCA Community, for the last two days staff have been working hard behind the scenes to set up online learning  for our students to help get them through this very unexpected State of Emergency. We would like to thank you all for your continued patience, support, understanding and  for the encouragement that we have received during these unpredictable times. Your flexibility  and adaptability has been greatly appreciated.


We know that this unexpected event has placed a lot of stress and pressure on our families and we are eager to return to the 'new normal' as soon as possible.   A decision has been made for  NCA to reopen the school for Face to Face contact from tomorrow, Thursday, for those of you who are happy for your children to return to school.  Now that one lane (Northbound vehicles only) has been opened on Rocks Road, hopefully  some of the  traffic congestion during peak times will be relieved slightly. The school buses will be running  however you may incur time delays at various stops, please do not leave students unsupervised at the bus stop. If there are huge delays to the bus timetable the office will message you on Hero. We urge all students who are eligible to catch the bus to and from school do so. Please do not drive your children to school with an empty car, try carpooling with another family. The State of Emergency in Nelson has been extended until next Wednesday and Civil Defence are urging people to catch a free bus, ride their bikes or walk to their destination whenever possible. We encourage all local students to walk or ride their bikes to school, remember Isel Place walkway is a great short cut and keeps our students off the road. 

If you decide to keep your children home until we are out of a State of Emergency please notify the office and message the classroom teacher through Hero or Seesaw. The teacher will continue to ensure that online learning is available to those students who will be remaining at home.

 The Teacher Only Day that is scheduled for Friday 2  September (next week) has been cancelled. The school will be open for learning. 

Once again we would like to thank you for your continued understanding and empathy throughout this emergency. Remember to reach out to the school if you require support in any way and notify classroom teachers if your child is displaying signs of anxiety or distress. Hopefully returning to school routines will help them to settle.

This message has been placed on my heart; God does not save us because of any great good we have done. He saves us because He is a  great and gracious God. Remember to keep reaching out to those who need support, check on your neighbours, shower  each other  with aroha and take the time to listen to one another. Everyone's story is different and important to them. 

We've got this team, please keep your phones near you at all times.

Manaaki te Atua/God Bless,


Monday 22 August, 2022

5.00 pm: SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED TUESDAY 23 & WEDNESDAY 24 August, 2022. We will provide another update on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.


Kia ora NCA Community, it was fantastic  to see the smiling faces of our beautiful tamariki returning to school today, the children  were all very excited to share their stories. As a community it has been wonderful to see us all pulling together to support those families in need and we were able to distribute some of food offerings  to  a few of our families today. Today was a shining example of everyone bringing our school values alive.

As you will have heard from Civil Defence there is considerable pressure on our roading infrastructure coursed by the closure of Rocks Road and roadworks on Waimea Road. NCA has a big catchment area from Wakefield to Atawhai and we run three buses. Although running the buses helps to minimise the number of vehicles on the road, the Civil Defence are  recommending that the school closes for the next two days. They have major concerns around the time that it is taking their emergency supports to reach their destination. There is also considerable extra pressure on Nelson's water infrastructure which could impact their ability to effectively address an emergency event.  As a result of this advice NCA will be closed for face to face learning Tuesday and Wednesday, with the goal of opening on Thursday ( you will be notified on Wednesday afternoon about the decision to reopen for Thursday). Classroom teachers are offering online learning and will be in touch with our students. Because we are only hoping to close for two days we will not be disrupting devices to students. A friendly reminder from teaching staff is for students to focus on learning their speeches as we have our speech competitions coming up in the next few weeks. 

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and pressure that this will place on many of you. This decision was not made lightly, I am very aware that many of you have work commitments. The recommendation to close has come from the Nelson/Tasman Emergency Operations Coordinator so NCA have committed to follow his recommendation to help keep our  community safe. Hopefully they will have Rocks Road open shortly and we can all get resettled into our daily routines. 



Manaaki te Atua/God Bless,

Jenny Laidlaw


All schools and communities are unique, let our special character radiate out into the community during these unsettled times.

Sunday 21 August, 2022

4.15 pm:  ATAWHAI BUS SERVICE - Just a reminder that there will be pick ups tomorrow on Waimea Road only. These are at the following public bus stops.

  • Opposite the hospital. Be there early from 8:32 am

  • The stop past Tukuka Street

  • The stop before the Caltex at Bishopdale.

Best to be early at the stops. The traffic will be very heavy so exact timing is uncertain. 

Please use the bus if you can to help with traffic congestion. If it is running late, just wait, it will come.

4.00 pm: VICTORY BUS SERVICE - The Victory bus will be doing its normal pick ups this week, except for those on Haven Road who are using the St Vincent Street stops. If your child gets on in Tahunanui or on Annesbrook Drive, in the morning, the bus is likely to be a little late because of the traffic coming through town. Please wait with your child for the bus to come, let's keep extra traffic off the road, no need to drive them to school. The bus will come. If we have any updates on timing we will do our best to update you.

3.00 pm: Kia ora e te Whānau, fantastic news!! We are able to reopen for school tomorrow. After a detailed inspection of the buildings we can confirm that they are in good shape with no leak's and the water and power are flowing. I do need to let you know that Marsden Valley residents are experiencing low pressure with their water flow  and they have water trucks located within the valley should the water mains be shut down. So...I am requesting that you send your children to school with their own water bottles and although the tap water has been cleared to drink we will  be encouraging the students not to drink from the fountains until the Nelson water situation settles down. If the water goes off at school we may need to send our students home so please keep an eye on all Hero announcements. 

You may be aware that Marsden Valley Road has experience some damage due to water flow from Poor Man's Stream, this damage has not transferred into our school carpark, so please ensure that if you are picking up your children that you do so from our carpark. Please do not park on the road. If possible we would like to limit traffic  driving to school so if your family is eligible to catch a bus please do so. Isle Place walkway is safe to use and the gate to the school will be open, the walkway is a great alternative.

The buses are running and if your bus route has been changed you will have been notified by the Office on Friday. If you are unable to get your children to the bus stop please let the school know and we will arrange an alternative means of transport. If your child is anxious in anyway about returning to school please contact their classroom teacher so that they can keep an extra eye on them when they are at school. 

 As you can imagine NCA is an extremely muddy environment. It would  be helpful if you could talk to your children before they come back into school around not slipping and sliding in the mud ( a child's dream) for the next seven days because the mud may be contaminated with hidden germs from the flooding. But.... just incase they can't hold back their desire to be a child, please send your children to school with a change of clothing, spare socks and gumboots (if you have a pair), please do not go out and buy a pair of gumboots, as winter finishes in ten days and I am sure it is going to be super sunny spring and they will no longer be required. The spare clothing can be kept in their bag just in case it is needed. 

You and your families safety is our priority so if your roads have not been cleared or even opened please notify the office that your child/ren will have a justified absence. If you require hybrid learning set up please notify the teachers and learning from home could be an alternative in special cases. 

We have had a great response from the NCA Community offering to help those in need and we will be in touch shortly with a delivery plan.

We've got this team, remember to reach out if you or your family need any support.


Jenny Laidlaw

Friday 19 August, 2022

7.20 am: NCA will remain closed to all personal today, FRIDAY, 19 August, 2022. We will continue to keep you updated on our webpage and on our HERO App.

Thursday 18 August, 2022

6.00 pm: NCA will remain closed to all personal tomorrow, FRIDAY, 19 August, 2022. The School Board have consulted with Civil Defence and have put the safety of all students, staff and our school community at the forefront of this decision. We will continue to keep you updated on our webpage and on our HERO App.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in our community that have been affected by the severe weather we are currently experiencing. From those that have had to evacuate to those who are unable to leave their homes, please do not hesitate to contact the school if we can be of any assistance at this time.  "Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

8.50am: NCA remains closed to all personal. An update will be issued later this afternoon.

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